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5/18/2014 9:06 am  #1

M E A T H E A D PH.27.27, 120lbs, 4yr old, Proven Producer 4 Sale

Needing to make room for young pups coming.

Meathead is a Proven producer of exceptional Big, Tight Hip'd clean Breather
I have 4 daughters and three son's of his. So I do not need him anymore and he could do a lot of people a world of good.

I had sold him before and he had to be returned because of Subdivision rules, so I do not need a ton of money for him it is more about him going to a good situation and doing some good for the breed. He throws great pups, 90lb females , 100-130lbs males, his hips are in the top 10 or so  dogs in the history of the breed.

I preffer not to ship him, because I'd have to drive to Chicago, the domestic planes out of St Louis now are too small to handle an xtra large crate so I'd have to drive him to Chicago 5 hour drive.

Once again it is not what so ever about the money,I'm willing to hear your ideas and weight the benifits to Meaty. I love this dog he is goofy but a high quality producer

His 4 month old 68lb son from an inbreeding on BMJ x Monella

Love off

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