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6/03/2014 4:03 pm  #1

ABRA/OBBA/Irondog Nationals

November 15/16, 2014
Nashville, TN

On Deck Working Dog Trial and Bulldog Dominion Event

Hopefully a DOUBLE POINT show!
(40 Classic Adults or 40 Classic Puppies or 40 Standard Adults or 40 Standard Puppies)

Working Events, Weightpull, Irondog, Hardest Hitting, Fiestiest Puppy, Sprint Races
Training - coming soon

Judges and Hotel Info Coming Soon

FedAB testing will be available, $100 flat fee for all tests, we need 5 dogs entered to fly in the FedAB Judge/Decoy, contact me asap if your dogs will be ready to trial in November.

Lesli Rose 905-379-4489

7/28/2014 4:25 pm  #2

Re: ABRA/OBBA/Irondog Nationals

Hotel info:
  Motel 6. There are 40 rooms at the hotel so we are blocking the entire hotel. You have a discounted rate until Sept 30th. About 3 miles from the show site!

14 king rooms : 
1 person $42.99
2ppl $48.99. + tax

26 double bed queen rooms:
1 person $43.99
2ppl $49.99
3ppl $52.99
4ppl $55.99. + tax

There is no pet fee but they want them declared at check-in and well behaved

 Call 800-544-4866. M-F 9a-8p eastern
After hours 800-466-8356

Use group # m422600012 to receive discount. Also under ABRA Nationals.

If we need extra rooms there are a couple more hotels. Most don't accept dogs over 25lb or are $150night or so.


7/29/2014 4:21 pm  #3

Re: ABRA/OBBA/Irondog Nationals

$30 per dog per show
$90 all 3 shows
$325 Kennel Rate

PRE REGISTRATION-every entry pre registered gets a show T-shirt!!!! (Kennel rate is 4 shirts)
$75 all 3 shows
$300 Kennel Rate
Cut off is 10/1
Forms are at or contact Tasha Chasteen.
Send your completed conformation forms and paypal to
If you have any questions regarding entries please ask Tasha Chasteen's AmericanBulldogs


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