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1/23/2015 1:30 pm  #1

The All Access Message Board

On social media via Facebook!

Come be apart of ab history one more time!

This Facebook group is a completely stripped down straight to the facts message form resource for owners to stay connected and engaged, featuring some of the most popular strains of a AB bloodlines and product out in the market for our dogs. We'll Be taking a totally new approach to how we share information threw the new strict posting guidelines, adding valuable detailed information along with your photo as a means of web base record keeping to to promote proper tracking of some of the more popular bloodlines and  over all progress of American bulldog.

Why you may ask.. Cuz I'm about to hit 30 and I start stalking Jose Lopez, Jeff Kennedy mark,ss and j dogs a little over 12-13 years ago and I truely feel I sometime do better sharing and promoting information on the breed then my actual breeding haha..

"9 hrs
Welcome to the "All Access American Bulldog Board."
This social media group was created for the AB community to discuss improvements and failures in both new and old strains of AB bloodlines. Allowing people to connect through the sharing of Photos, Video and personal experience.

Rules for posting include:

Adding pedigree description, breeder information hight, weight, show or working titles, health checks and location to better help monitor the breeds progress.

:::Copy and Paste below before posting:::

Breed: American Bulldog
Out of:
Sire )
Dam. )

::No advertising of puppy litters will be permitted::
If you have puppies for sale you can advertise them on the homepage for $40!
Contact me

Web based message form & registry resource:
NKC official website:
ABRA official website:
Share and comment!
God bless."

So be apart like I said it's very limited posting Who is sure better information

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