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8/04/2015 1:49 am  #1

Tyrone Ivan Williams please pay for the shoes you bought 4 weeks ago

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July 8 at 6:49pm ·
Received these today via UPS via Italy via London from Elijah Elijah Amoah ..Elijah you are the man....Love them, my favorite shoes of all time. ...Thanks Bro
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Sorry to bother anyone but if you have any dealings with this guy do not give him any money or goods till he pays first, little did I know he was a sweet talking swindler, about 8 weeks ago he kept bugging me that he wanted a pair of Gucci loafers, I promise the dude I will get it and send it to him and once received if he likes them he can then pay me.

Little did I know that I should have never trusted him, since he was introduce to me by another conman Doug Kennedy who stole 6500 from me, but is yet to cough it all up throug the legal process,.

Now everyday this dude has promise to send a common 360, something so small, people warned me not to trust him, since he was a pal of keenedy's but I gave him the benefit of doubt, even gave him a dog for free, and he still teamed up with Kennedy to rob me.


All now I can show all his promise, then he claim he has personal issues, what has that got to do with pay for a shoe you bought, but you have time to be posting them and bragging about them on fb, man is sad, this is how you Love the brothers over and when they jump on you, he is the bad guy, I have come to notice that they more low life crooks who are involve in this bulldog game than the genuine people, so far only two people I have dealt with that I can say yes, come and have a meal with me and the family buddy, all the others I have dealt with are all crooks.

Now I have learnt my lesson big time, and sorry to bother anyone but please be warn of Tyrone Williams of Lansing. Michigan


4/19/2018 1:56 pm  #2

Re: Tyrone Ivan Williams please pay for the shoes you bought 4 weeks ago

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