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11/29/2016 3:47 pm  #1

Bleeding after Prolapse Eurethra surgery

 My 7 year old Bully just had surgery for prolapsed eurethra.   3 weeks post op - he started bleeding again - early in the am - when he wakes up - and before he goes out.  Dripping .  Once he goes out - seems to stop for the day - or for 24 hours or more.   Then a couple of mornings later will start again.   Most posts say this bleeding can reoccur.....and most posts say some have had the surgery as much as three times.    I don't want to do something that is not going to work.  ??  anyone have experience with an older dog having this situation - he is lively and full of energy - doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.   I'm thinking of an overnight belly band to catch the drips - and then let him go about his business.    


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Re: Bleeding after Prolapse Eurethra surgery



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Re: Bleeding after Prolapse Eurethra surgery



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