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9/27/2017 1:06 am  #1

Scott vs Kingshaven

I was wondering if you guys may be able to help me out a bit. My wife was a professional dog trainer for years and worked almost exclusively with bully breeds her favorite being the American Bulldog. I have the option right now to buy her an American Bulldog pup and have been trying to ask her opinion on bloodlines without giving it alway. My problem is I have the option of 2 different bloodlines right now and both she has worked with and loved. One is a Scott x Stover and the other litter is Stover x Kingshaven. I know she's a big Scott's fan but I've also heard her talk up some Kingshaven dogs she's worked with. I'm at a bit of a loss as I tried doing my own homework but there seems to be more fighting than actual answers. I just want to be able to surprise her with the pup of her dreams. I know she will be training for obedience and personal protection if that helps.

Thanks in advance for an help you guys can give me


10/22/2017 7:23 am  #2

Re: Scott vs Kingshaven

Hey... Sorry for the late reply... There's a ton of information on Facebook...

Uncle Ish

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