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4/13/2011 9:19 am  #1

Heartworm preventative that's easy on the pocket$

I had a couple of people ask about this so I'll just post it..

Propylene Glycol

Jeffers Pet had the farthest expire date 09/12 (always ask) and reasonable price for ivermectin

Here's the mix:
ivermectin 1% .50cc:40cc propylene glycol
A 100 lb dog using this solution would get 2 cc of solution.
In this case, a 24 lb dog should get .50 cc
Draw out 1/2 cc/ml with a syringe, mix with the PG and scale dose according to weight. It is mild enough it wont hurt to round off i.e. 40lb dog 1cc or you can cut the mix to .50:20 and give 1/2 as much...100lb dog 1cc. I do the higher ration so it's easier to dose the little dogs. Just shoot it into their mouth or put it on edible's.
You'll throw away most of the bottle of ivermectin when it expires-depending on how many dogs you have but it saves a ton of $


6/11/2012 1:16 am  #2

Re: Heartworm preventative that's easy on the pocket$

Most veterinarians will recommend giving a daily or monthly pill to prevent heartworms, but in actuality you are administering a drug on a regular basis that is designed to stop the "baby heartworms" from becoming adults. This is not an accurate definition of prevention. These drugs contain chemical insecticides. Administered over a period of time, the toxic side-effects become a serious health risk.

Side effects listed for heartworm preventative drugs are: vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, and weakness. These pills weaken your pet's immune system which recognizes the chemicals as poison. The body works hard to eliminate the toxins and major organs, like the liver and kidneys, are taxed. For this reason, the pet's body is not able to handle contact with the normal bacterial or viral substances in our world, so it gets sick more easily.

Part of the veterinary industry has acknowledged these dangers. These "alternative vets" are open to natural, safe and effective alternatives. Many of these vets believe that the long-term use of heartworm prevention drugs are a link in the chain of diseases such as arthritis, liver and kidney diseases, skin allergies, and many types of degenerative problems.


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