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8/06/2011 12:28 pm  #1

A great breeding.......(More pics added)

is on the ground and ready to go.  Our friend Doug Nyga put together a hell of a breeding.  It is 4 times Nyga's Lil Bear of BH.  You ask why he would want to linebreed on Lil Bear, well here is a little info about him.  Lil Bear won the 2002 HOD and was 27 inches, 130 lb's., and his PH was .41, .56.  His temperament was his best attribute and he was a very intelligent animal.  He was a confident dog, not dog agressive, and was never in a kennel or on a chain.  He lived in harmony with all kinds of animals, but also caught hogs.  He had a huge head, was a great breather, and when it got hot he didn't die LOL.  Bear is now 10 years old, and it isn't because he was babied.  He endured the heat and humidity of the Missourri summers, and now lives in Florida.

I went to Doug Nyga's yard a couple of months ago.  It was 95+ degrees out, very humid, and about noon time.  We went out back to see the dogs.  The father of this litter (Nyga's Blunt Force Trauma) was running up and down a huge kennel, the dog was panting, but you couldn't hear him breath.  I was blown away that a 110+lb dog, with a huge head, bone etc. breathed this amazing.  The mother of the litter is the exact same way.  It was at that time I decided that I would bring a pup out of this litter into my program.  With the past success of Huggy being bred to old school BH blood (Juanita) to produce Gaucho, it was a no brainer.  I feel this blood is great foundation stock, and would help anyones program who enjoys the bigger dogs, great breathing, and good structure. 

I didn't get a ton of pictures of the pups because I was too busy evaluating the litter.  The pups have tight skin, short coats, bully type, big bone, and great structure.  There were 10 pups in the litter and 4 males and 3 females will be available.  These pups have an old school MGK Tyson type look to them.  They are all white with red patches or red body suits.  This is a pup from the litter, and more pictures will be posted soon.  Pups are $1000 USD plus shipping.  Here is one of the few pics I took:

You can contact Doug Nyga at:
(314) 608-9272
(636) 942-4481

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Re: A great breeding.......(More pics added)

Here are a few pics of the two females I brought home to evaluate.  The one with the docked tail will be available.  She looks like a precious moments doll.  She is lean, hard bodied, tight skin, has a bobble head, a crazy wide chin, and a super short back.  She was the smallest in the litter, but that just means that she will be a 75lb female rather than a 85-90lb female.  She is my type of pup all day, that is why I chose to take her home and take an even harder look at her.

My Precious of Nyga

Her sister that I am keeping

Cold Country's ????? of Nyga

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Re: A great breeding.......(More pics added)

Beautiful! congrats CC!


4/23/2012 11:53 pm  #4

Re: A great breeding.......(More pics added)

Really amazing this pets i like it very much.


4/22/2013 4:07 am  #5

Re: A great breeding.......(More pics added)

why I chose to take her home and take an even harder look at her.

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4/28/2013 6:16 pm  #6

Re: A great breeding.......(More pics added)

Great Looking Dogs


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