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1/17/2012 8:15 pm  #1

Taping ears

Anyone have info or links on taping ears to fold correctly?


3/29/2012 5:38 am  #2

Re: Taping ears

Ear Taping (posting) method

Post the ears and leave them up to six days, then take down but never leave them un-taped overnight. Re-tape the ears for another 6 days.
You need (See picture 1):
Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol.
Backer Rod 5/8  wide (ask in any HomeDepot)
Start by cutting the piece of Backer rod, a little larger than the length of the ear.
Take tape and start taping firmly around the rod to achieve the flexible but tight ear-stick. (See picture 2).

When you have taped it to the end, reverse and start taping in the opposite direction, making sure that the sticky surface is now outside of the ear-stick (See pictures 3 and 4). Continue taping until all of the surface of the rod is taped with the sticky surface facing outwards.
Now tape the second rod in the same manner. Cut 2 pieces of tape 6-7  and 2 shorter pieces of 3 .
Clean the ears with the tampons and the rubbing alcohol if you have not already done this, if the ears are not quite healed use peroxide instead. Dry the ears thoroughly with a dry paper towel.
Press the sticky rod to the inside of the ear. (Picture 5) Stretch the ear along the rod.
Take one of the 6  strips and press one end into a sticky surface of the rod (under an angle) (See red line on the picture 7). Leave the blue area (sticky surface) to be able to secure a good grip for the other end of the tape strip. Start taping around the base in the direction of ear fold (See Picture 6) (towards the inside), making sure that the fold is not twisted or squeezed. Be careful do not tape too tightly, as it may stop the circulation of blood into the ear. Go around the ear one time and press the tape against the blue area (sticky area) of the rod.
Cut the end of the strip. (Picture 8)
Cut the rod at the top of the ear. (Picture 9)
Tape around the very top of the ear lightly, you can cut off circulation by putting too much pressure. (Picture 10) The sticky surface of the rod and the sticky surface of the tape will keep the rod in a secure position.
Do the same procedure with the second ear. Using this method, you do not need to tape in-between the ears. The rods will keep the ears in the vertical position. (Picture 11). The dog will be able to move the ears freely and you will avoid wrong posting that sometimes happens when one ear is taped to the other ear in a figure 8-manner - then one ear might be pulling the other into the wrong position and creating a crincle. It offten happens during sleep, when the dog may accidently lay on one of the ear and pull the other one in an awkward position.


12/22/2017 4:18 am  #3

Re: Taping ears

A few reproducers like to utilize pipe tape for its more drawn out enduring hold, yet it is smarter to simply re-tape each couple of days to check advance and counteract skin bothering.
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