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1/27/2012 10:04 pm  #1

Ichthyosis & Our Patton

Our sweet pup Patton has just been confirmed positive for ichthyosis. We had The University of Pennsylvania run DNA tests. The breeder was contacted at the first signs and symptoms, again when the DNA test was sent to Pennsylvania,and to the best of my knowledge he is still breeding, I again sent an e~mail with the DNA test results and have not heard anything from him. I live in a small coastal town in Oregon and have heard that he is very upset and blames it all on the Dam, my veterinarian as being incompetent, etc. For us this is not about money, it is about loving our pup and this breed. Ichthyosis is not fun and we are not certain of Patton's health outcome. He is 5 months old, 42#, and full of fire. He is a big clown, and full of love.
I am posting his pedigree so that others are aware of the ichthyosis.  file:///Users/dedeepeterson/Downloads/pedigree-1.html.
I think if you hi-light it it will open. I am not trying to sabotage anyone, I am only trying to bring awareness.


1/28/2012 10:58 am  #2

Re: Ichthyosis & Our Patton

That is really sad... good luck with your future decisions in regards to Patton.

The test is fast, easy and affordable. Not many reasons to NOT test.


1/30/2012 9:53 am  #3

Re: Ichthyosis & Our Patton

Hope all works out for your little guy and despite the circumstances it seems he found some great owners!!!

Silly boyz bullies are for girlz!!!

5/14/2012 11:31 pm  #4

Re: Ichthyosis & Our Patton

Really amazing this message i like it very much..........


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