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9/21/2012 1:03 am  #1

Breeding Announcement!

To say that I am excited about this breeding is an understatement... I have been planning this since before I bought Studebaker, and I really thought long and hard about which female was the best matchup for this one. (Lord knows, I have lots of options!) ;)

I have been researching this blood for many many years now, and I really like the way that it line breeds and inbreeds.. Love the type of these dogs! No line is without fault, but I think I am making decisions to counter-balance those flaws and move forward.

I am expecting pups with good health, heavy bone, great type, good conformation, excellent temperaments, great breathers, with phenominal drive that have the athleticism to work, even though they carry the mass to make you wonder how it is even possible.

Between these two dogs, they are one win shy of 6 Championship titles! All pups from this breeding will be ICH Clear. The conformation and working titles and health tests between these two are almost unmatched for bully American Bulldogs.

Without further ado, here is the announcement- I currently am taking one more male and one more female deposit. I would prefer that these pups go to show and or working homes- they will have the potential for great things, and I would like to put them in the hands of people who have a high priority in helping them reach all that they are capable of. Contact me for more info!

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10/23/2012 6:40 pm  #2

Re: Breeding Announcement!

Wait to they see what i am looking at!!!!!!!!!    Super pair Dannie!

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11/06/2012 9:13 am  #3

Re: Breeding Announcement!

Congratulations Dannie... your hard work is certainly becoming very well noticed, and quite revered.

  All my best,


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