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10/24/2012 4:22 am  #1

Some vids of my GK line boy

This is my boy Kilo. I co-own him.
He does not know these behaviors this is the first time I am trying them outside of my house with him. I normally don't even put words to my actions until he knows what the proper reaction to my actions are. After my dogs I train can do that then I bring in the word. We tried it without and it looked funny on camera. So I started saying the word. BTW, my marker release is FREE.

I don't normally teach the stand by going forward either I push into them but this was his very first time trying this on a bench.

Just a taste. Can't wait to get back home and start working him again.

Keep Bulldoggin, no matter what kind.


10/24/2012 6:16 pm  #2

Re: Some vids of my GK line boy

Nice work!! Looks like you're both having a good time too. Kilo looks eager to please. Great looking ABully!! He's in great shape too. Just curious what his height and weight are?? Not that it's important but he looks heavy boned. Congrats!!!


10/25/2012 4:35 am  #3

Re: Some vids of my GK line boy

He is 19.5 inches and about 85-90lbs. When I got him he was about 105 but too big to work. I have bite work pix and vids too, just private though. He is just one of the AmBullies i train. He is just mine though. When I get back to PHX I will put more pix/vid of him working and just chillin up.
Keep Bulldoggin, no matter what kind.

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