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11/20/2012 11:12 pm  #1

Bulldawg Battalion Breeding-Return of tha True Freak Blood

Bulldawg Battalion Hank (Don Gorilla [dball son] x SS Furia)

Dball (That Freak himself for those of you who dont know him)


Jr Champion Bulldawg Battalion Bella  (Don Gorilla [dball son] x Bullybred Candice)

Yes this is a Dball Grand son to Dball Grand Daughter breeding.  Pups due next week.  Yes i know the pix are not the best quality, I need to work on my pix.  I do have a cam if anyone wants to see a video or see them live.  Expect excellent temperment, solid bone,  Bully head pups.

Matthew of Bulldawg Battalion

This isnt a one breeding thing.  this is a process. 

Bulldawg Battalion

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