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4/20/2013 10:31 am  #1

Rumor of Apollo being sterile. (F..king Joke)

Ok.. So ive been in the dark about this for some time now. I put a post out on Facebook. Now Im putting it on here for those that I dont have on facebook. Ive been told by several people that theres a rumor being spread about Apollo being sterile. Rumor has it that I bred him to 5 different dogs. 1 dog thats from NY i supposedly bred to on 5 different heats. Just wanted to get the record straight. I bred Apollo ONE times and it was to a 7yr old Olde. No the breeding didnt take but Shizzy does happen. I guarantee there are numerous breedings that you guys have done that didnt take. So now because of the rumor, Im going to have a sperm analysis done and i will post a copy of the the results for everyone to see rather its bad or good. I need to kill this Shizzy thats being spread.

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Re: Rumor of Apollo being sterile. (F..king Joke)

Dont worry about the negative vibes sadly its a part of breeding...

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