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9/21/2013 10:06 am  #1

CH'WP DTP's Big Sampson of Pack x Pack's Luna of BGB

CH,WP1 DTP Big Sampson of Pack and Sampson also won NWDA National WP Champion 101-125 LBS weight class in 2009
Gr CH WP3 DTP's Mace in Your Face of RHAB x DTP's Jazzy Pearl
So he is 3x Fass and 2x Barbosa Bulldozer Bo Bloodline
Pack's Lola of BGB
She is out of Dual Champ C.C. Gaucho of Venn x BGB's Stella of Backyard
And Gaucho sired is Venn Thug of BH and Stella is brother to BGB's Deigo and both have 2x King Caleb and Sixty-Fifty Bloodline and Fass Bloodline and Lola dam Stella "Sledge Hammer" she out of Sixty x Cali that is Fass,Fifty,Caleb Bloodline

So pups will be born on last first week of Oct 5 -7 2013 and Pups will be carry 4x Fass, 2x Barbosa Bulldozer Bo, 2x King Caleb, sixty,fifty Gaucho Bloodline !
And also their will be variety color in that litter with Big Blocky head and Massive chest and thick bone dome and with very great Conformation and also great thick rear end with blend of those bloodline and I can't wait for pups to be drop soon and for more information feel free to ask or PM me or email me or call 304.426.4675 Pack/Jennifer 304.887.5194 cell phone or text me only 304.910.7533


11/01/2013 7:46 pm  #2

Re: CH'WP DTP's Big Sampson of Pack x Pack's Luna of BGB

Great stuff

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