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9/23/2013 1:07 am  #1

Chi Town Throw Down Results

Well this will be my final post on the show as we officially put it in the books until next year.. Yes you heard it right there will be a next year! Thank you for traveling the distance and for all of the kind words in private messages, and on facebook, it was definately one to remember. I had put up a thank you post singling everyone out but my team is a bunch of rockstars!! But you the community are why we do this every year, it could not be done without the vast amount of sponsorship and support we get. Everyone is listed on the website but please know again I am thankful for you. Two highlights of my feedback were the kind words about the attention to detail we spend, that makes me smile so big, we try to put on a show that everyone enjoys win or lose we want you all to remember it, from coming together for a judges dinner to, the show programs, to the fine attention to the color pink it all is planned out. I also got such great feedback about the Junior Handler Class.. This is our baby, we have embraced this and nothing has made me happier then watching this event grow at each show we attend. I know Lesli initially had some fears about kids being able to handle it, I insured her it was great and I was insstent that we add it, ours is a fun free event where the prizes are candy and hair dye where the kids learn,  but on to the next level...  We spoke the other day about adding a Junior Handler program!  HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!  Kids getting to show dogs for real and being awarded for it embrace it folks they are our future!

And Finally the results ...72 dogs in conformation

Saturday AM
Best in show Blevins Hiroshima
Best in Show Puppy Cobblestone Avalanche

Saturday PM
Best In Show St. Onges Tiblanc of Fon
Best In Show puppy CCB Wilde Beast

Best In Show Jemms Beatiful NightMare
Best In Show Puppy Binghams Irish Creme of SIAB

Irondog Triathalon 8 dogs entered making it Ranked
1. Hasta
2. Zor
3. Riddick

Hardest Hitting 20 dogs entered
1. Hasta
2. Zor
3. Friday

2. Fancy
3. Sage

Sprint Race Adult 17 dogs entered
1. Finale
2. Adonis
3. Duke

Sprint Race Puppy
1. Hennessy
2. Bailey
3. Sarge
i do not have Driviest Puppy Results as they handed out ribbons in the rings but there were 19 puppies entered.

Protection Tournament
1. Hades
2. Friday
3. Cadilac (teresa Taylors Female I think we are correct on name)

Irondog Weight pull Friday
MWP and MWPP EliAna Kennels and Tank
Lance Falk obtained his WP2 with a dog..
I was not taking the scores but wanted to get these out there I will correct them when someone corrects me

APA weight pull Both Pulls
Over 70 Class MWP and MWPP Roy Hampsten and Dan
Under 70 class mwp and mwpp Jeff Gulczynski and Kracker

Award for most Valuable Staff Member hands down goes to Amy Elder Klockenga for whom this show could not happen. She gets nothing except a captain and coke I bought her last night..

A close Runner up okay probably Even has to go to Lotta Bulls Enzo who ran his ass off and anyone who is in the know knows Running is not easy all weekend between Weight Pulls, Oldes, and Irondog

In the running would of course be Colten Klockenga and Cassandra Charnota for working that cart up to 5125 lbs of weight!

My Rockstar Awards went to my decoys Troy Seaton and Tilman James Jones
The Charles Weathers Merit Award went to Ray Barrerra for all of the giving back he did with Irondog this year.

I could go on and on and on about the help we receive from Cassie Kosovich who ran all of the working events to Kim Mylan-sira and Jay Sira for all of their help with the weight pull, to Aaron, Artie and Anna who are truly the triple A team running the site for us, to Karen baker for her hospitality, to my food, to the vendors, to my over the top Judges, the list could go on and on I have already made a post about thanks but as we officially put this show in the books until next year thanks and I will never do it without my team! Thats it folks plase share your memories of the show but I will sign off for now and look forward to seeing you all in Ohio where I iwll be the girl doing nothing!!

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9/23/2013 3:06 pm  #2

Re: Chi Town Throw Down Results

MamaH wrote:

Under 70 class mwp and mwpp Jeff Gulczynski and Kracker


WB must have got beaten in this event... The King of hype failed at mwp.... TFF..... Congrats to all the winners!

9/23/2013 4:15 pm  #3

Re: Chi Town Throw Down Results

weight pulll was happening at the same time as confirmation please note above said he won best in show he already has his qualifying pulls  but thank you again for your support and for attending oh wait that's right nevermind

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9/23/2013 4:42 pm  #4

Re: Chi Town Throw Down Results

I was reffering to the Toed(wrcking bull).... Did you see him in wp or at all?

9/23/2013 4:47 pm  #5

Re: Chi Town Throw Down Results

MamaH wrote:

thank you again for your support

Don't flatter yourself.....

9/24/2013 12:04 am  #6

Re: Chi Town Throw Down Results

Wow Really James do you have to put a negative into every single persons post Shizzy at least some of us support the shows what are you doing??

3-6 month Driviest Puppy
1st place Rugby
2nd ?
3rd ?

6-9 months
1st Troy puppy (unsure of name sorry)
2nd Bailey
3rd ?

12-18 month Driviest Jr
1st Deimos

Obedience Tournament
1st Duke
2nd Press

Irondog Weight pull Friday
MWP and MWPP was actually Jemm's American Bulldogs - Jemm's As Real As It Gets, "Tank".



9/24/2013 1:21 am  #7

Re: Chi Town Throw Down Results

Thanks Audrey!!

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