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5/08/2014 4:01 pm  #51

Re: ***HALL OF X ROUND 2***

50 I like his nasty cheeks better and front end..

I seen stud at Arizona show as a young dog probably 18-24 months old I was very impressed by is  mass he carried , also think he could breathe better... He has a nice ass.

Those are opinions I don't like one much more then the other to pick I believe they both are solid tools for people in that direction.

"Where being a bully won't get ya sent to the principal."

5/08/2014 4:30 pm  #52

Re: ***HALL OF X ROUND 2***

If it's just for looks, I would have to go with Fifty for the front end & clean head type. I can't deal with upright shoulders, short upper arms or labored movement.


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