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CCB wrote:

BHB wrote:

CCB wrote:

Thanks V for making it so easy.  These are the offspring that you think validate BMJ.  Huggy is dead, and had a weak temperament.  At first I chalked it up to socialization because that is what Vito said.  Later on, there is no doubt that it was genetic.  Gracie had median hips, and was the worst breather I ever had.  She has a great temp, but must live in doors basically or she would be a fatality.  Asylum had great hips and an amazing temperament.  But she heat stroked and was dead at 2-3 years of age. 

Can anyone post a WB offspring that has died??  Inbred Bullistic is not a great thing!!  As I said, it isn't even close.  You can't base a dogs breathing or worth off of a picture or type alone.  WB is far superior to his father in this regard.  That is why Junk was so vital!!  That is why outcrossing BH dogs is so vital.  Use them for the traits you like, but they must be outcrossed!!


Troy you can't be honest you have to react in you usual petty insecure fashion

Huggy died in a vets office from complications of limes disease
When he was alive and you could profit from him he was the greatest , you bred to him you froze his semen he was the greatest
Gracie you did the same you bred her twice
Two times you bred her to the bulliest studs that were not good breathers . Back then you were selling her hard on all her positives. Of which she has many
No dog is perfect but you want to proclaim that Wrecking Bull is and that he produces perfect????

You want to talk Shizzy about Go Bullistic but Wrecking Bull's line bred Go Bullistic everything you've had any noteworthy success is line breed Bullistic

But nothing you posted is the whole truth. It is just your insecurity of this post having anything positive to say about BMJ and BraveHeart

Vito, please point out what I missed or didn't get right.  Huggy is DEAD and had a weak temp.  I do not have frozen semen on him and I never made a penny off that dog.  I gave him away for free and never collected a stud.  My frozen consists of BMJ, Gaucho and WB.  Gracie is the worse breather I ever owned.  I have nothing off of her, and will use nothing off of her in the future.  Asylum is DEAD, from heat stroke.  I have never said that WB is perfect, or that he produces perfect.  WB is just better than the other males I have had.  The truth is, the farther you get from Bullistic or Jacq the better the dogs become.  To you success if a dog like Asylum.  A dog with great hips and a great temperament.  But none of that matters when they are dead at 2 years of age.  Hell Shug was an amazing dog according to you.  She had great hips, a great temperament, over the top drive but could breath. What happened to her??  Why are the Hampton's done with her and selling her son??  Just another breeder who found out all they needed to know about your dogs and went in another direction!!

As usual like a child you can't have an intelligent disccussion.  You have to drag the Hampton's into your BS lies and Stupidity. They do not come to this board because of your BS and asshol-idness

They need to get rid of Mick because he will chase and catch their horses, everytime he is loose on their property he heads straight for the horses. Jessica just hurt he back and thought she'd need surgery but thankfully it can be rehabbed, that leaves Travis to do most of the animal Chores, he works a very demanding job and has three kids and 30 acres to care for. Getting Mick out to excerise him is a huge hassle for them.  They lovew him there is nothing wrong with him except they can't break him of wanting to Catch their Horse and Pony. He is being bred to Starlin right now. Kim saw him and was so impressed with his total package. Jessica and Travis want another pup off him, or one right off my yard to try to socialize around the horses at a young age. They move there when Mick was grown and tried with him.
So once again instead of talking about the subject at hand you need to try to drag other people in with more lies and exaggerations.

Mick breaths fine, he lived here last summer during the record heat in Aug, no problems at all, he has had no problem in Tenn in the heat, his mother is not dead, she is spayed because of vaginal hyperplasia.
Mick is a very nice good sized dog PH.32.32, Ripped and very handsome If I was wanting to care for more dogs I'd have him here, as it is I'm breeding to him and building from there.

I've got stuff to do on this gloreous day, I'll address the rest of your girl BS tonight


Love off

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Bmj still up front...

Uncle Ish

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Вся страна производит впечатление тяжелоработающей, ничего при этом не производя. Сразу у двери, едва на кулак не наткнулся. 

А ринуться в лобовую атаку не могут. Как только оказался внутри, сдернул капюшон, который от резкого движения навис на глаза и мешал видеть. 

Более того, я тебе обещаю, что через шесть дней потушу всех троих. Растрепанные волосы огненным ореолом сияли вокруг бледного лица. Музыка рассыпалась на части и собралась около моего виска. 

Их нет или они есть? Мы становимся взрослыми людьми. 

Теперь я отвечал за других рабочих. Доволен жизнью на все сто процентов, кривляется, будто клоун. Но замолчал народ, запротестовал военно-промышленный комплекс. Профессору можно бы поставить две-три хорошие отметки.


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