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4/17/2015 7:13 pm  #1

Some of my working terriers

I think this could be a really cool section of the forum, and I'd love to see what dogs the guys in the states are working with. We hunt with a few different types of dogs. We use teagles to hunt cover. These are terrier x beagle crosses...good nose, very fast through cover and good tongue. My buddy keeps a pack of about 14, a level pack. We all keep lurchers, that we use as coursing dogs. We find that bull collie hounds work best. Normally 3/4 greyhound, 1/8 apbt and 1/8 sheepdog. Greyhound gives them speed, apbt good mouth and sheepdog intelligence. Other mixes just don't work as well. Straight 50/50 bull x greyhound crosses can be too heavy boned and get thrown out in turns, while crosses like saluki x greyhound just aren't hardy enough for coursing over rough ground.

My main hunting dog is terrier, and I keep quite a few of those. We use patterdales, lakelands and parsons. I think there is still a good standard of each type but unfortunately some have used these as an opportunity to make money and some of the lines that are more popular might not have had a genuine working dog for 3 or 4 generations. Also there are show versions of each of these, a prettier version of the working type. All of our working dogs do it, if they don't they're gone. That's just the way it is. These are some of my young dogs

Molly.2 yr old pure parson russell female from Eddie Chapman lines

Evie. 1 yr old Cocker line terrier.

Esther (on the right, with Evie). 1 yr old terrier.

Suzie, 2yr old Cocker bred femake.

Pat, 2yr old patterdale

....and one of our seasoned campaigners, Sonny, 5 yr old lakeland

Thanks for looking.



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Re: Some of my working terriers

Jason thanks for getting things started... Keep sharing info on the terriers... Who is Cocker for those that don't know in the patt world???

Uncle Ish

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4/20/2015 10:22 am  #3

Re: Some of my working terriers

Uncle Ish wrote:

Jason thanks for getting things started... Keep sharing info on the terriers... Who is Cocker for those that don't know in the patt world???

Cocker  is an Irish breeder that keeps and works an excellent line of terrier. Not very well known which is great, and he actively works his dogs. To be honest, I hate the word 'line' when it comes to working dogs. I think once that moniker is applied to a particular stamp of working dog it has the potential to become a money spinner for unscrupolous breeders. Nuttall, Middleton, Gould , Wheeler, Stevens....all 'lines' of working dogs that have been ruined by greed. I remember a couple of years someone ofered me a Nuttall patt, neither the parents or the grandparents had been working dogs...what use would that dog have been to me? My buddy had a Nuttall patt and worked it, he wasn't impressed. I think these guys started with very good dogs but just bred too many of them. The curs were kept and bred, rather than being culled as they should have. And unfortunately the patterdale has now found some kind of place as a family dog and pet, which makes it quyite difficult to get good ones.

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Re: Some of my working terriers

Thank you


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Re: Some of my working terriers

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Re: Some of my working terriers

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