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vitamin resource

Vitamin 'A'
Dairy Products, leafy green vegetables, fish liver oil, carrots.

Vitamin 'B' Complex:
Brewer's Yeast, whole grain cereals, liver.

Vitamin 'C':
Fruits an vegetables, especially broccoli, cabbage, leafy green vegetables.

Vitamin 'D':
Sunshine, dairy products, fish liver oil.

Vitamin 'E':
Cold-pressed vegetable oil, meats, raw nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables, soybeans.

Vitamin 'K':
Kelp, alfalfa, yogurt, egg yolk, fish live oils.

Vitamin Deficiencies and Excesses

Too Much or Too Little
Vitamin 'A':
Deficiency: Vision problems, slow growth, skin and coat problems, diarrhea
. Excess: Nausea, vomiting,diarrhea, hair loss,bone deformities,bleeding disorders.
Vitamin 'B' Complex:
Deficiency: fatigue, irritability, nervousness, hair loss, skin problems.
Excess: Water soluble; when taken as a complex, excess is usually excreted in the urine. Unusual excess can cause nerve damage, blood or digestive disorders.

Vitamin 'C' (Research ongoing and greatly debated)
Deficiency: Impaired lactation,shortness of breath, swollen joints, slow healing, poor dental condition.
Excess: Water soluble; most excess excreted in the urine. High doses can result in diarrhea.

Vitamin 'D'
Deficiency: Rickets, bone diversities, poorly developed muscles,nervous disorders,vision problems.
Excess: Increased frequency of urination, nausea, vomiting, muscular weakness, calcification of muscles, including the heart.

Vitamin 'E'
Deficiency: Blood and bleeding disorders, collagen problems,amino acid breakdowns, reduction in functioning of several hormones, reproductive failure.
Excess: Generally considered nontoxic; however, can cause elevated blood pressure.

Vitamin 'K'
Deficiency: Bleeding disorders, miscarriage.
Excess: Generally considered nontoxic.

Sources of Minerals

Calcium: Meats, bone and bone meal, milk and milk products.

Chloride: Salt (sodium chloride), kelp.

Copper: Liver, whole grain products, leafy green vegetables, legumes.

Iodine: Fish, kelp.

Iron: Liver, oysters, fish lean meats, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, legumes, molasses.

Magnesium: Green vegetables, raw whole grains, oil-rich seeds and nuts, soybeans, milk.

Manganese: Whole grains,eggs, seeds and nuts, green vegetables.

Phosphorus: Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, whole grains, seeds and nuts.

Potassium: All vegetables, potatoes, bananas, whole grains, sunflower seeds.

Selenium: Yeast, organ and muscle meats, fish, whole grains.

Sulfur: Eggs, meat, cheese.

Zinc: Whole grains, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds.

Mineral Deficiencies and Excesses

Calcium / Phosphorus:
Deficiency: Rickets, bone deformities, slow growth, irritability, depression.
Excess: Must have balance between both minerals.
Deficiency: Hair loss, impaired digestion, poor muscular contraction.
Excess: Adverse reactions suspected but unknown.

Deficiency: General weakness, impaired respiration, anemia, skeletal abnormalities, skin sores.
Excess: Toxic hepatitis.

Deficiency: Enlarged thyroid, dry skin an hair coat, loss of vigor, slow / poor growth, reproductive failure.
Excess: Unknown.

Deficiency: Weakness, constipation, anemia.
Excess: Unknown.

Deficiency: Neuromuscular excitability or irritability, tremors, depression.
Excess: Unknown.

Deficiency: Slow or retarded growth, reproductive failure, abnormal bone growth, paralysis, ataxia, blindness, deafness.
Excess: Unknown.

Deficiency: Respiratory failure, cardiac arrest,nervous disorders, insomnia.
Excess: Unknown.

Deficiency: Premature aging, puppy death, skeletal and cardiac myopathies.
Excess: Hepatitis, nephritis.

Deficiency: Slow or retarded growth, sluggishness, fatigue.
Excess: Unknown.

Deficiency:Retarded growth, delayed sexual maturity, diabetes, skin problems.
Excess: Relatively nontoxic, but excessive intake may have harmful side effects.

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