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5/26/2018 1:06 am  #1

Maplestory Chat: The condition of non-Reboot and Reboot

I believe the addition of the Reboot server has been among the greatest things to happen to MS Mesos in the last year or two, but has it left the typical servers in the dust and without a way to compete? I don't have some godly financed characters, but I do have some end-game funding (CRA with unique/leg abilities, decently scrolled equips( etc).

In contrast, Reboot lays it out to you fast and easy. You grab mesos, maybe with a pet, and that's your resource (apart from time).

But in the non-Reboot server, where does one get maplestory 2 mesos? You can collect while you're training with a furry friend as well, but it doesn't get you nearly as much as it might in Reboot. In addition, you can not get everything you want to finance yourself from purely collecting mesos. (Merching has become even less predictable with the diminished people from people who went to Reboot, and average Joes like me simply don't have matters to merch). So, for average players in non-Reboot, what is great?

The next issue that I wish to touch on is instruction in non-Reboot. Nexon. . .you killed everything. LHC, FDH/SDH, HOH. Twilight Perion (190~) isn't too shabby though. But, what is the alternative from 170 to 210? Touching back to the issue of the lack of source in non-Reboot, how can the typical player train to level 200 when it costs a chance to enhance equips to 120 celebrities on end-game equipment for non-main personalities? Answer: You don't, impending frustration with the game.This one goes for both servers and can be only an almost-parting message together with Maplestory. The lag I've undergone after lately coming back into Maplestory has evolved to a new level and has really been a one-of-a-kind experience. This is not an isolated problem as I am sure the community as a whole will take this position.

Compared to a different MMORPG, the Maplestory2 Mesos game simply doesn't appeal to enhance the user experience. Other than being seriously plagued with bugs in the game (that is forgivable as there's a massive quantity of content), the UI has not had the player in mind since. . .ever. With the streamlining of items came the removal of the frequent question: "Is this thing likely to become character-bound, account-bound, or publicly tradeable?" , and when it ever had been ambiguous, Neople could ensure it is the most reasonable of those three options.

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Re: Maplestory Chat: The condition of non-Reboot and Reboot

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Re: Maplestory Chat: The condition of non-Reboot and Reboot



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